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Estate Planning

Estate planning isn’t just for the elderly or the wealthy – It’s for anyone who wants to secure their family’s future.

We welcome old and young, those with complex assets, those with just a bank account, first-generation planners, or those considering the impacts of their wealth on multiple generations. Come learn about the steps you need to take to secure your family’s future, all free of charge. The Hill Group offers this class several dates during the year, however, space is always limited so you should register as soon as possible.

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Our workshops are absolutely free to attend, but we request your RSVP to help us better plan for you.

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How it Works

Our process is what makes us different, we are not your typical law firm experience

When I founded the Hill Group, I promised myself I was going to break the boundaries of what a law firm experience should be. While I have always loved being a lawyer, I have always hated the practice of law. I hated the games. Hourly billing, unrealistic expectations, and constantly depleted retainers were not constructive to helping people like I imagined when I decided to become a lawyer.

It was my belief that there was a better way to practice law. I decided to base my firm upon one simple principle; education. If I could develop a system where I had the chance to teach my clients what they needed to know about their problems without charging them first, then it would be easy for my clients to know how to make their own choices, and I could simply guide them to where they needed to be. If we remained committed to this process as lawyer and client, there was virtually no chance we could ever be dissatisfied with the end result.

Quite simply, by breaking down all the institutional barriers of the practice of law; by providing no pressure free education, by answering any question you have for free before you make decisions, by giving you a free no obligation consultation meeting, by providing standard flat fee quotes before you ever make a decision, we have created a supreme estate planning experience at the Hill Group.

– Attorney, Dan Hill

What to Expect

All you need to do to engage in this experience for yourself is to join me for a free 90-minute educational workshop. If you attend or watch this free workshop, then you earn a free one-hour, no-obligation meeting with Attorney Hill which we call a one-on-one design meeting. At this meeting we want you to bring any current estate planning documents that you currently have. We also want you to bring any person you think should be involved, whether that is another family member, your financial advisor, your accountant, or anyone who you think could be a beneficial voice in your plan.

At that meeting, Attorney Hill will review your current plan with you, literally answer every question you have, and he will send you home with options you could consider to improve that plan. You will know exactly how much those options cost before you make a decision, and you will have nothing but your own time in which to make a decision before you move forward.

If you want to learn more, take advantage of the presentations offered by the Hill Group. We offer workshops for our retail clients interested in estate planning or for those concerned about long-term care costs. We offer extended boot camp presentations to health care and financial professionals where they can learn about key elder law concepts while earning continuing education credits. We also offer community presentations where we will present live to your organization in-house for as long as you would like Attorney Hill to present.

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