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As our families grow and as we age ourselves, there are many changes that occur throughout our lifetime. Occupations and careers can change. Your health can fail out of nowhere. Accidents can happen at any time. While we all think we know how the book of life will be written, the reality is that family dynamics can shift in an instant.

While some of these changes are a product of careful planning and consideration, others come from a sudden turn of events that we may have never even contemplated before they happen. Advice from our top elder law attorneys helped families with peace of mind during both the planned and unplanned events that come with aging.


Getting solid advice from a competent elder law attorney is the best way for your family to take the appropriate steps to plan for these uncertainties. Elder care attorneys are estate planning attorneys who focus on planning for life’s unknown risks to protect your assets against what can go wrong. At the Hill Group, we take a very personalized understandable approach to helping you learn how to protect your family as you age through life.

Dan Hill, founder of The Hill Group, is an elder law attorney based out of Johnstown, Pennsylvania who was grown an impressive statewide practice helping families just like yours navigate these precise issues. With his home base operation located right in the heart of Johnstown, Pennsylvania, he has helped hundreds of families protect their future no matter how big or small their financial situation may be.

Attorney Hill prides himself on the ability to make elder law concepts understandable to anyone who is concerned about protecting their family’s future, and he is confident that there is always a solution to your concerns. And while it is always best to plan ahead, a truly capable elder law attorney knows the truth: its never too late…


None of us want to admit our mortality, but the truth is we are all going to face failing health at some point in our lives. The problem is that we just don’t know when it is going to happen. As we know, change is the only constant in life, and that is no different when it comes to our health. Again, with the help of a capable elder care attorney, you can adjust to any situation life brings.

If you or your loved one’s health begins to fail, things can change very quickly. Circumstances may change to include assisted living, skilled nursing for long-term care, home care, guardianship or the use of Medicaid and/or Medicare to pay for care. Attorney Hill works with families to provide options to help make these transitions smooth, and also to make sure that these options do not deplete your life savings leaving your spouse or family to pick up the pieces on their own.

It is never too late, even if you need skilled care in a nursing home and you never planned ahead. At the Hill Group, we live in the world of Medicaid every day. While it may be scary and confusing to your family when you are faced with this problem, you should know there are always options to get appropriate care without losing everything you worked so hard for in life.

If you or your loved ones need care, do not hesitate to meet with an elder law attorney as soon as possible to learn about your options. At the Hill Group, our elder law attorneys make finding solutions easy with the confidence that the plan we create will work. If you or a loved one is faced with health concerns, do not wait any longer, and stop trying to navigate the complicated financial issues on your own. Call the Hill Group and schedule a complementary Medicaid Crisis meeting with Elder Care Attorney Hill right away.

The Hill Group, LLC: Your gateway to a top elder law attorney, offering expert legal counsel and representation for all matters concerning seniors and their families. Trust in our seasoned professionals to navigate complex elder law issues with precision and compassion.

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