Top Three Concerns of Elder Law

A lawyer specializing in elder law has the ability to help senior citizens to better understand the law and make sound decisions on everything from long-term medical plans and asset management.
To better prepare yourself and protect your assets, it’s smart to engage the services of an attorney specializing in elder law.
In addition to helping you make an estate plan, a Johnstown elder law attorney can also provide information on Medicare/Medicaid programs and help with questions about Social Security options.
If you or your loved ones have legal concerns, it is important to contact an expert attorney in Elder Law. Attorney Dan Hill works tirelessly to help seniors receive the legal help that they need.
Top 3 Concerns of Elder Law

Long Term Care Assistance

Everybody needs help from time to time, but it can be an especially daunting task for older citizens.
When you’ve spent your life taking care of yourself and your family, it can be hard to accept the fact that you now require assistance for your own long-term health.
But long-term care doesn’t have to mean planning for life in a retirement home. As you age, you have to start considering how your lifestyle will need to adapt to new challenges. That may require care in a long-term treatment facility, true, but it may also mean having better access to your primary health provider and specific medical specialists. Even simple things like visiting your podiatrist or dermatologist have to be taken into your long-term care considerations.

Managing Affairs

You’ve got family, you’ve got assets, and now you’ve got concerns about how to manage them.
It’s an accepted fact that, as you age, your physical and mental fitness can start to break down. But while most ailments that limit your physical mobility can be addressed through therapy and the aid of physical support devices, the loss of mental clarity can be much more frightening. If your mind no longer allows you to make sound decisions regarding your financial and legal concerns, you run the risk of losing control over all of your life decisions.
Fortunately, a Johnstown elder law attorney can help by letting you set up plans and contingencies if that happens to you. They can set up trusts, assist in selecting executors and caretakers, and ensure your legal wishes and desires will be known and honored.

Estate Planning

Probably the biggest part of elder law but also one that understandably causes people to hesitate, is estate planning. But a carefully crafted estate plan can provide the single best option for individuals looking to exert the most control over their assets and concerns.

While it may seem hard to plan for the future, crafting an estate plan really comes down to deciding how your assets and concerns will be handled when your time comes to an end. The hesitation comes from not knowing what you want to to do beyond some very basic thoughts. But by working with an experienced and caring  Johnstown elder law attorney, you will receive the benefit of his knowledge and guidance. A properly prepared estate plan will provide a smooth transition of assets to beneficiaries while granting a degree of peace to you and your family.

Depending on your wishes, estate planning can, and in many cases, should include on top of your last Will and Testament,  healthcare directives, living wills, trusts, or other legal planning tools. An elder law attorney will also help you navigate challenges such as asset taxation considerations, probate concerns, and real estate transfers.

To learn more about how a Johnstown elder law attorney can help you prepare for your future, contact the Hill Group LLC today. Our expertise and experience can help bring you peace of mind.